Device not recognized by LENA Hub

This article covers what to do if you've plugged in your LENA device, but no recorder icon appears (or existing icons all disappear), and there are no other warnings or messages on the screen.

Warnings and error messages are covered separately:

  • If you receive a formatting prompt, see here.
  • If you receive a driver installation prompt for an old-style recorder, see here.
  • If you receive a communication driver failure alert, see here.
  • If the recorder icon appears with an error on it, see here or here.

The troubleshooting tips are a little different depending on whether it's a new-style or old-style device.

Which type of device do I have - old or new?
Serial numbers 20000 and higher Serial numbers below 20000
Buttons on the side Buttons on the top face beside the screen
Generally shipped 2017 or later Shipped before April 2017

1. Check your connection procedures.

Order of operations:

LENA Hub may not recognize a recorder that was plugged in before the Hub program was opened. Open LENA Hub first and then connect the recorder.

Connect the recorders one at a time (connect, confirm, connect another, confirm, etc.). Sometimes connecting a full Multi Dock of recorders can prevent Windows from communicating with the devices.

Number of recorders:

Connecting more than one Multi Dock can cause Windows to stop recognizing all recorders. Even those that had already been recognized may suddenly disappear from the screen. If Windows is in this state, you'll have to restart your computer to fix the problem.

2. Rule out problems with the Multi Dock, cable, or port.


  • Try a different USB cable. If switching cables works, and other devices connected via the original cable aren't recognized either, discontinue use of the original cable.


  • Try a different USB port, if available. If no other port is available, try another recorder on this same port. If it isn't recognized either, then make sure that your computer is able to recognize other USB devices.
  • If nothing is recognized on the port, unplug the recorder, restart the computer, open Hub, and try again.

Multi Dock (if using)

  • Disconnect any recorders, and then disconnect the Multi Dock from power. Plug it back in after about 5 seconds, and then try connecting a device.
  • When you connect each device, check to see that the little blue light comes on beside that Multi Dock port. If it does not, then the computer won't "see" the device, so Hub won't see it either.
  • Try a different Multi Dock port, or try connecting directly to a USB port on the computer. If the device is recognized from another port, then the device is ok but the original port may not be.

3. Rule out a frozen recorder.

Double check that the recorder's screen isn't frozen on "Recording," "Charging" when not plugged in, or something else unusual. The screen should go from a regular status message (Paused, Sleeping, or Memory Full) to Charging or Charged when you connect it. Otherwise, troubleshoot the frozen screen.

4. "Have you tried turning it off and then on again?"

It may sound like the punch line to a bad joke, but in all seriousness...

  • Try restarting your computer, and then re-open Hub, and reconnect the recorder.
  • A recorder can get into a state where no Windows computer will recognize it. Disconnect it, turn it off, whisper words of encouragement, turn it back on, and connect it again.

5. Check your anti-virus/anti-malware rules.

If no recorders are recognized and you have ruled out a bad cable / port / Multi Dock, and you have restarted your computer to no avail, have your IT support look into whether your security software is blocking the device. They can reference the VID and PID numbers below. If the devices were recognized on this computer in the past and now suddenly are not, your IT can also look into what changes may have been recently applied to this computer.

New-style recorders

  • VID 1C3C and PID 0008

Old-style recorders

  • VID 0424 and PID 2502
  • VID 058F and PID either 6335 or 6569

6. Make sure your Hub is up to date.

Check your Hub version to see if it might need updating to the latest version.

The current Hub recognizes all recorders more reliably than older versions. It also contains a workaround for the incompatibility between old-style recorders and Windows 10 that occurs on some computers. If you have old-style recorders and Windows 10, you must run Hub version 3.4 or higher.

7. Check for the recorder driver (old-style recorders only).

If the problem is occurring with an old-style recorder, you may need to install or reinstall the recorder driver. A missing or damaged driver, in combination with an outdated version of Hub, will prevent recognition of old-style recorders on any operating system.

8. Contact LENA Support.

If you are unable to resolve the issue or need help with any of the troubleshooting, please contact [email protected]. Please provide the following:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Recorder serial number(s) that are not recognized (usually on a silver sticker on the back of the recorder, with a barcode)
  • Scope - does the problem affect just one recorder, or all recorders, or all recorders of the same type, or does it seem random?
  • Computer operating system (Windows 7, Windows 10, etc.)
  • Hub version
  • A note or screenshot about any messages you see when the recorder is connected. These could be Windows acknowledging the device's arrival, or messages about driver installation, device readiness, formatting, etc.