Unable to save settings in LENA Hub

Occasionally a user is unable to update settings in LENA Hub. The problem seems to affect some Windows user accounts that do not have local administrator rights on the computer.

The LENA support team has been unable to reproduce this relatively rare issue or determine the exact cause.

The steps below resolve the issue.

1. Make a note of your current settings.

The steps below will change all special Hub settings back to the default. Look at the settings screen and make a note, or take a screenshot, of the current preferences. This will help you restore any special settings you may want to keep.

2. Close Hub.

3. Using File Explorer, go into C:\ProgramData\LENAHub.

Often ProgramData is a hidden folder, so you may need to change the view options in File Explorer to get there (or just type the path in the address bar).

4. Delete the two configuration files.



If Windows prevents you from deleting these files, ask someone with administrator rights on this computer to help you. They will need to sign in with their Windows credentials and delete the files for you.

That user must then log out of Windows before you proceed with the next steps, or you'll simply create the same problem again.

5. Open LENA Hub.

Be sure that you are logged in to the computer with a Windows account that does NOT have local administrator rights on the computer.

This step re-creates the default version of the files that you deleted in the previous step. By creating the settings files under a regular Windows account, you're ensuring that they will be editable by regular Windows users.

6. Update LENA Hub settings.

Referring to your notes from Step 1, restore any special settings you wish to keep, and then make the changes you were trying to make before the error occurred.