Troubleshooting: Can't log in on LENA Hub

Note: As of July 18, 2022 your LENA username is your email address – specifically, the email address associated with your LENA Online account.

If you are unsure which email address is associated with your LENA account, contact your LENA program manager / account owner, who can look it up for you on the LENA Online users screen.

Forgot LENA Hub username and/or password

Your LENA Hub username and password are the same as your LENA Online credentials. See note above.

If you use a stored/prefilled password to log into LENA Online, you can look up your your stored password in Chrome so you'll have the right information.

If you need to set a new password for Online and Hub, use the forgot password link on the LENA Online login screen.

Alert: Authentication failed, please try again

Oops! You have made a mistake entering your username and/or password. See the alert abut usernames at the top of this article. Make sure caps lock is off (classic!), and try again.

If that doesn't work, here are some options:

  • Can you log into LENA Online by typing in your username and password from scratch (no magic prefilled password)?
    • If yes, then those same credentials will work in LENA Hub. Tip: Try typing it out in Notepad and copy/paste it in to be sure you've got it right.
    • If no, then there are few possibilities:
      1. You're using the wrong password. Look up your stored password in Chrome or reset it using the Forgot Password link on the LENA Online login screen.
      2. You're using the wrong username. See the alert about usernames at the top of this article.
      3. Your LENA user account has been inactivated. Check with your program manager to be sure your user account is still active.


LENA Support does not have access to your password and does not reset passwords.