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Warning: Could not connect to the LENA Device Service

What does this warning mean?

The LENA Hub program cannot find or work with the LENA Device Service, a helper program on your computer that lets Hub communicate with the recorders.

Device Service Warning

What to do next

For next steps, click on the situation below that applies to you.

Device service error after updating software

If this error occurs right after you update the software, re-run the installer to repair the installation. Unlike a first-time installation or update, "repair mode" does not usually require a special password from IT. Here are the steps:

  1. Open your downloads folder (using Windows File Explorer).
  2. Double click on the LENAHub.msi file that you just downloaded.
  3. When prompted, choose Repair.
Device service error after uninstalling LENA Family Hub

Uninstalling LENA Family Hub removes the device service program as well, and LENA Hub cannot run without it. You will need to reinstall the regular Hub.

The simplest approach is to follow the steps for updating Hub. Doing so will put you on the latest version of Hub and restore the device service. If you are already running the latest version, you'll see a prompt like this - choose Repair.

Device service error when both LENA Hub and LENA Family Hub are open

Both programs use the same service, but they can't use it at the same time.

Close LENA Family Hub. Then close and reopen LENA Hub.

Device service error for no good reason at all

Sometimes the service error occurs seemingly randomly! Here's what to try:

Restart the computer.

Restarting the computer can sometimes jump-start the service. Also, on a shared computer it will close any other Hub session that may be open under a colleague's Windows account. LENA Hub can open only one connection to the LENA Device Service at a time, so if your colleague left Hub running, they've left you in the lurch.

Restarting the computer while another user is signed in to Windows may cause them to lose unsaved work in other programs. It will halt any uploads or processing they may have had going, but those will resume when you open Hub.

Advanced troubleshooting
Check service status and settings.

These corrective steps are provided to help you get LENA Hub working as quickly as possible, if LENA Support is not immediately available for assistance.

This is not part of the normal LENA Hub use experience!

Please contact LENA Support to help diagnose the underlying problem.

Follow these steps if you are comfortable doing so.

  1. Open the Services app on your computer. (On Windows 10, click the Start button, type Service, and open the Services Desktop app.)
  2. Check that Startup Type is Automatic.
    • If any other type is showing, right-click, select Properties, and change Startup type to Automatic.
    • Please contact LENA Support as well, as this may indicate a problem with the installation.
  3. Check that the LENADeviceService status is Running.
    • If it is not running, click Start the service. Then try opening LENA Hub again.
    • If it is running, click Stop the service, then Start the service. Then try opening LENA Hub again.

If you can't resolve the issue...

Contact LENA Support as directed on the screen.

  • Please mention any troubleshooting you have already done, and the results.
  • If you can, please send the Hub and device service logs. LENA Support will need to review these to determine what is causing the failure.
  • If you are unable to locate and send the logs, LENA Support can review them in a remote support session.