Files have been uploading / processing for days

File upload times vary depending on file size and internet speed, but in general it should not take more than 30 minutes to upload one file.

If your uploads do not appear to be progressing, here are some things to investigate.

Look at LENA Hub for clues.

If your LENA Online group dashboard is still displaying the animated "processing" icon the day after you transferred your devices to the Hub, or if it shows a processing failed notification, then the Hub is not handling the data correctly.

Return to the Hub where you transferred the devices, and check these things:

Is the Hub program still open?

If Hub is closed, that's likely the problem - the program was closed before it finished handling the files. This is any easy fix!

  1. Log into Hub.
  2. You should now see active uploads (or active processing).
  3. Leave the program running until it shows 0 Uploading (or 0 Processing). You can minimize the program, but do not hit the "x" in the upper right, and do not sign out of Windows.

Does Hub have "held files"?

If you see a number of held files and a blue arrow, then your Hub is set for "deferred processing." The LENA Days you transferred are in a holding pattern until you manually kick off the next step. Click the blue and white arrow icon to start uploading or processing the held files.

As always, leave the program running until all uploads complete.

Is the Hub displaying an alert about failed uploads?

If you have transferred several files, and a problem is preventing uploads, Hub can get stuck in an endless cycle of upload attempts. This can give the impression that uploads are "taking forever" when in reality they are just failing repeatedly.

If you see an alert icon in Uploads area, follow instructions for dealing with failed uploads.

Is the Hub displaying an alert about failed processing?

If the Hub is configured for local processing and a file fails, Hub does not retry.

Check the Hub computer's sleep settings.

If the Hub computer sleeps during uploading/processing, all progress stops. This can give the impression that uploads are "taking forever" when in reality they are not happening at all.

Is the computer set to never sleep?

Double-check your sleep settings. We've seen them spontaneously change...maybe. We've also seen people skip that step in installation.

Is the laptop lid being closed?

Most laptops are set up so that closing the lid puts the hard drive in sleep mode. Remember...nothing happens when the computer is sleeping.

If you routinely close the lid during processing then there are a few options:

  1. Stop closing the lid during uploading or processing.
    • Downside: Maybe you've been closing it for a good reason! If you just need to make the screen inaccessible, try using Windows key + L to lock the computer. You'll unlock it using your regular Windows login. If you're closing the lid because need to transport the computer, see option 3.
  2. Change your laptop's settings so that closing the lid does not put it in sleep mode.
    • Downside: You'll have to remember to manually sleep the computer on all the other occasions when you would normally sleep it by closing the lid.
  3. Turn on deferred processing if you routinely need to transport the computer from one location to another while it is uploading/processing.
    • Downside: None, really. Moving the computer around during processing isn't a good idea because the interruptions to the internet connection will cause failures. Just remember to click the blue arrow when you have time to leave the computer sitting in one place for long enough to complete processing.

If you are unable to resolve the problem using these tips, please contact LENA Technical Support (see sidebar) and provide:

  • your first and last name
  • the name of your program
  • the device serial number or child ID associated with at least one of the files that is taking too long