Install the LENA old-style recorder driver

This driver must be installed if you will use old-style recorders. Without it, the Hub is unable to update the on-board clock of the older devices, and over time the timestamps on the reports will become incorrect. 

Old-style recorders are identifiable by:

  • buttons on the front face
  • serial numbers <20000
  • ship dates prior to March 2017

1. Download the recorder driver installer.

Choose the CP210x Universal Windows Driver from the Downloads tab of this page:

Download the related Release Notes for additional information, if desired.

2. Extract the installer.

When the download is complete, click the drop-down menu to select "Show in folder." (If you don't see the download in your browser window, just use File Explorer to open up your computer's Downloads folder.)

The installer is within the zipped folder called

Use your preferred method for extracting files. For example, select the file, then right-click and choose Extract All. You can extract them to the same folder.

3. Run the installer.

If it doesn't open automatically, open the folder you just unzipped, CP210x_Universal_Windows_Drive.

Right-click on the file named CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe (unless you are on a 32-bit system, in which case choose the _x86 version).

Choose Run as administrator, and install the driver using all defaults.


4. Restart your computer.