Windows prompt to format LENA device

Recorders with serial numbers below 20000 may trigger a formatting prompt or an invalid disk warning on Windows 8 and higher.

LENA Hub versions 3.4.0 and higher apply a fix to the recorder so it can work with Windows 8+.

The fix may not be applied until after the Windows formatting prompt appears.

DO NOT agree to format the disk. Follow the instructions below.

1. Wait for LENA Hub to respond to the recorder.

Wait up to 2 minutes for LENA to display the assignment prompt or the indication that the recorder is empty or unassigned, or that the clock cannot be set.

Proceed with the recorder as usual.

This device is now "fixed" or partly fixed.

You may see the prompt again the first time any other old-style recorder is connected. The fix is specific to the recorder, not the computer.

2. Disconnect the recorder.

3. Click Cancel on the reformatting prompt.

What to do if LENA does not respond to the recorder:

1. Disconnect the recorder.

2. Click Cancel on the reformatting prompt.

3. Make sure you are running LENA Hub 3.4.0 or higher.

Check your version.

Install an update if necessary.

4. Reconnect your recorder and wait for a response, as above.

If LENA still does not respond to this recorder, you may have an additional or different problem. Contact [email protected] and provide:

  • Your name
  • Product you are using (LENA Hub) and version number
  • Recorder serial number
  • Operating system
  • Description of the issue