Upload failure

Upload errors are most often a result of an unstable internet connection, but there are a few other rare causes. This article explains what to try before contacting LENA Support.

Don't panic!

Know this:

  1. Your LENA Days are not lost! When an upload fails, the file stays safe and cozy on your Hub computer, awaiting its next chance to float up into the cloud.
  2. Your LENA devices are fine! They were cleared when the files first transferred. They are empty and, once charged, can be used to capture more LENA Days.

So, keep calm and read on.

Try a reboot.

Restarting the computer can resolve a few different problems that can cause upload failures, so it's a great first step. And good news: restarting the computer won't affect your LENA Day files!

  1. Close the LENA Hub program. You'll see a warning about files being in progress, but it's okay. You're going to restart them in a minute.
  2. Save and close anything else you're working on in other programs.
  3. Restart the computer.
    • Don't just close the laptop lid. Do a true restart by clicking the Windows start button, then the power icon, and then the Restart option. (If it says Install updates and restart, choose that option.)
  4. When the computer has restarted, open Hub and let it try again.

Check your internet connection.

Here is one way to check that your computer is connected to the internet. If this test reveals an issue, work with your IT support or internet provider to restore your connection.

Double check the computer's clock and time zone

A clock discrepancy is rare, but will definitely cause all uploads to fail.

  1. Look at the time displayed in the lower right of your computer screen to make sure the hour and minutes are accurate.
  2. Right-click on the time to pull up options, and choose Adjust date/time. On the screen that opens, make sure the Time Zone setting is correct.
  3. Make adjustments as needed.

If you are unable to resolve the problem using these tips, please contact LENA Technical Support (see sidebar) and provide:

  • your first and last name
  • the name of your program
  • the device serial number associated with at least one of the files that is failing (found on the uploads/files tab on LENA Hub)