Device icon is stuck on "Confirming"

The recorder icon should never say Confirming for more than a few seconds.

If recorder icons are stuck in the Confirming state, follow these instructions to recover and resume transferring recorders.

Why did this happen and how can I avoid it?

This problem seems to occur when the user has connected a pre-loaded Multi Dock to the Hub.  

The best prevention is to connect and confirm the recorders one at a time. Wait for each recorder to start transferring before connecting the next one. You do not need to wait for each transfer to complete.

This method cuts down on assignment errors and reduces the risk of Hub freezing up, without taking any extra time.

1. Note the serial numbers of the recorders that are stuck on Confirming.

2. Close LENA Hub.

Don't worry if some files are already uploading or processing. They will remain safely stored and will resume when you restart Hub.

3. Disconnect all recorders from the Multi Dock.

4. Open LENA Hub.

5. Connect and confirm one recorder at a time.

Start with the recorders that were stuck in Step 1.

After working through those you can reconnect any recorders that had transferred before the problem occurred, so that they can continue charging. (You'll see the error indicating they are empty - click to clear.)