LENA Hub Release Notes

This article covers the new features and bug fixes that users will notice after updating the LENA Hub software.

LENA Hub v4.1.4 - February 2021

LENA Hub version 4.1.4 was released on 15 February 2021. 

It contains important bug fixes.

Bug fix: Partial uploads

This version corrects a problem that allowed Hub to delete the recording in certain circumstances after only a portion of the file had uploaded.

Bug fix: Serial read

This version corrects a problem with reading the serial numbers that could occur if a batch of connected devices departed and arrived in quick succession.

Bug fix: Error display

One of the error states was incorrectly displaying "recorder.error.recorder not available" in the user interface, instead of the appropriate error icon and information.

LENA Hub v4.1.3 - May 2020

LENA Hub version 4.1.3 was released on 19 May 2020.

We changed how Hub communicates with LENA Online in order to work better with enterprise environments.

No new features or bug fixes.

LENA Hub v4.1.2 - March 2020

LENA Hub version 4.1.2 was released on 2 March 2020.

It contains a bug fix relevant to LENA SP users only.

Users are encouraged to update the LENA Hub software.

Bug fix: Audio storage (LENA SP only)

This version corrects problems with setting the storage path and executing the storage step during transfer (which caused transfers to hang and fail).

LENA Hub v4.1.1 - February 2020

LENA Hub version 4.1.1 was released on 11 February 2020.

It contains a few minor fixes to the last major release.

Users are encouraged to update the LENA Hub software.

This version corrects an issue where the screen's footer could sometimes obscure content in the main page.

Bug fix: File splitting calculation error

This version corrects a bug in handling multiple recordings on a single device at the time of transfer. Hub is designed to create separate recording files at long pauses - that is, wherever the device has been paused for longer than 1 hour*. The bug prevented Hub from splitting the data at long pauses if a short pause occurred earlier in the file.

*This value can be different for LENA SP recordings if the user has customized the UPL Split Value.

LENA Hub v4.1.0 - December 2019

New LENA Hub icon

We've changed the icon to better differentiate LENA Hub from LENA Online.

Recorder battery charging status display

The LENA Hub screen now displays the battery charging status for connected recorders, and indicates when the device has sufficient charge to complete a 16-hour recording.

This feature primarily benefits programs who need to process, charge, and return devices during a coaching or content session (e.g., LENA Start, LENA Home playgroup models, some LENA SP intervention visits, etc.).

Note: Charging status is displayed for recorders with serial numbers higher than 20000. LENA Hub cannot detect the charge level or charge completion for older recorders, and will simply display Charging when the recorder connection status is not Waiting, Transferring, or Error.

Tab for upload details

For cloud processing, we've added an Uploads tab where upload progress is displayed. 

The tab shows which recording file is currently uploading, how it is progressing, and which files are still waiting.

When a file finishes uploading, it disappears from the screen.

Faster processing engine

For those using local processing, we've integrated the new, faster audio processing engine into LENA Hub. Local processing can now complete in about half the time required on previous versions.

How does this change affect the data? Are the results the same?

The increased processing speed was achieved by allowing the engine to perform some computations in parallel on the CPU. There is no difference in the algorithm or mathematical formulas. In our testing of over 14,000 hours of data we saw slight differences in word counts in 0.3% of the hours and no differences in conversational turns.

Single installer allows cloud processing or local processing

With LENA Hub 4.1, anyone can switch between cloud processing and local processing with just a few clicks.

This flexibility is ideal for programs whose available internet speed varies, or who cannot test the speed at the site where Hub will be used prior to installing it.

When you update, your current settings will still apply. For example, if you've been using cloud processing, Hub will continue using cloud processing - but you'll now have the option to change to local processing if needed.

LENA Grow recording duration set to 10 hours

For LENA Grow files only, recordings will be clipped at 10 hours during transfer

This change significantly reduces processing and report turnaround time without affecting the reports (which have always been capped at 5:00 pm).

Note: This change does not impact recordings for children in LENA Start, LENA Home, or LENA SP.

Verify computer clock time

On start-up, LENA Hub warns the user if the computer's clock does not match the actual time. This alert is important because:

  • If a recorder is connected while the clock is wrong, its clock will be reset to the wrong time. As a result, the report for the next recording made on that device will reflect the wrong time.
  • LENA Hub uploads may be rejected if the computer's clock and/or time zone are incorrect.

Improvements to internet speed test

The speed test now returns more accurate results, and the internet status icon is now gray instead of green while the speed is being calculated.

Bug fix: Child name display

We've corrected an issue where, for recorders connected before Hub was launched, a user who with permission to see child names would instead see ***** on the confirmation window.

Bug fix: Stabilize alert icons

We've prevented the alert icons from resizing/moving when the user mouses over them. No more cat and mouse games here!