Hub recorder error: The recorder is not assigned

LENA Hub displays an Error! alert when an unassigned recorder has been connected.

Click the Error! to see more details and options.

What to do next

If you know which child made the recording...

  1. Click Assign in LENA Online.
  2. LENA Online will open. Log in if necessary, and assign the recorder to the correct child.  
  3. Disconnect the recorder.
  4. Wait a few seconds, then connect recorder to LENA Hub again, and confirm audio transfer.

If you're unsure which child made the recording...

Click Close and disconnect the recorder. The data will stay on the recorder while you figure out which child wore the device.

Assign it in LENA Online and connect again to transfer.

If you cannot determine whose data are on the device, connect the unassigned recorder to LENA Hub when you are ready to erase it.

If the recording needs to be erased...

Click Erase Recorder. You'll have one chance to confirm or cancel erasing.